Supreme Systems & Solutions

We are one of the largest independent computer support companies in Chennai. Unlike other ICT support companies in Chennai, we support both home and business customers with advice from viruses, hardware issues to Servers and Infrastructure design. Based in our new shops we now have over 10 technicians each with their own unique skills that give customers an unsurpassed knowledge base. As an IT support, shop and repair centre we are always pushing towards higher standards and our staff are working towards ISO9001 standard.

We understand how stressful and frustrating it can be to have a Breakdown computer and be suddenly deprived of your vital data. That's why we take our repair responsibilities very seriously. Every customer is equally important to us, however small the job. When you ask us for help we work hard to resolve your problems quickly and efficiently and get your computer back up and running like new in the shortest possible time.

We've been delivering convenient, affordable and dependable repair services for more than ten years. We're experts in diagnosing and correcting a wide range of computer issues - including both hardware and software failures, and there are very few problems that we aren't able to resolve. We enjoy a technical challenge and we'll always apply our expertise to help you get the most from your computer.

Suriya Kumar . R

Founder & CEO
Supreme Systems & Solutions